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In extravagant Grace​

Sandy Bilong openly challenges you to question the common belief that the only way to give birth is through pain.She invites you to build your faith in the Extravagant Grace of God and believe that anything and everything is possible. After reading this book, your faith will be uplifted, and your own testimony will follow.

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Fueled and Aflamed

Fueled and Aflame is a workbook specifically designed to offer guidance and inspiration to young individuals actively engaged in ministry. The book places a strong emphasis on serving the Lord with unwavering zeal. It looks into the importance of not just starting the race with enthusiasm but also finishing it while maintaining one's physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

12 Weeks Together

Success in all aspects of life is determined by individual attitude and lifestyle, hence this book is an important piece for training young adults to develop the necessary habits needed for success in life and destiny with a good emphasis on marital success. This book is a course material designed to follow the 21/90 rule to help systematically change youth's lifestyles from what is the norm in society to what the word of God requires


If you want to start a family, if you are expecting, or if you have had a bad experience during your last pregnancy, know that God is still working wonders.

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