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In Extravagant Grace ,

Sandy Bilong openly challenges you to question the common belief that the only way to give birth is through pain. She invites you to build your faith in the

Extravagant Grace of God and believe that anything and everything is possible. After reading this book, your faith will be uplifted, and your own testimony will follow.

My story

One day, I saw my sister suffering so much while in labor and about to give birth…. that was way before I got married and even considered having my own children. I was traumatized ! Few years later, while I was pregnant with my first baby, a Bible school classmate testified to me how she had believed God for painless delivery and it happened . I decided to believe in God’ s grace like this lady and I delivered my babies without pain four times! That was my wake up call! I am still saddened to see many pregnant women going through painful deliveries, meanwhile the Grace of God is available to tap into. Today I want to share my experience with as many women and their support system as I possibly can and transfer the Grace that I have received, in order to alleviate their pain in every aspect of their lives especially in childbirth, parenting .. and leave an awesome legacy to generations to come

My Vision

My vision is to change the mindset concerning the painful nature of childbirth among women and society in general through all means that will be available.

My purpose

My purpose is to contaminate the people around me with the same Grace I have received.

My belief

I Believe that with God, all things are possible because i have seen it in my life, and it is written in his Word, the Holy Bible

My Mission

My mission is to unlock, ignite, bring out the potential of the younger generation , in order to transform their lives and enlighten the world.

My identity

My identity sums up in these words Self assured, friendly,Joyful,Mentor, influencer, advisor.

My values

Trustworthiness, integrity,Faith,Excellence, hard work, flexibility with the Holy- Spirit

Meet with Sandrine Bilong

I help Believers tap into God’s Extravagant Grace! Mother of four- Wife of a King- passionate teacher

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Images from the official release of the book

Book Launch

Book Launch

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Book Launch

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