There is None like my Daddy

Recently, I had a vision during a challenging time. I saw a father and daughter walking together from behind. As I got closer, I could hear their conversation. The daughter was confiding in her father, and he was reassuring her, holding her hand and speaking to her until she was calm. Eventually, she began to stroll and jump with joy as they walked together.

As I continued to watch, I saw myself in the little girl. I was with my father, who had placed me in such a safe and secure position that I felt comfortable asking him for something sweet, like chocolate. He was delighted by my request and said he would buy me the whole store if I wished. We stopped at a store, and my father got the biggest chocolate they had. I was so happy because I had only been thinking of small chocolate bars.

I asked my father, “You got the biggest one for me?” He replied, “I would buy the whole store for you. I own the store.” I felt so happy and secure, knowing my father would do anything for me. I can still see myself walking on the street with my father, who would do everything for me.

My father was so pleased to see me jumping with joy! He said, “When you are happy, I am happy! I created you to make you happy. My nature is to give you something sweet at all times and witness your happiness.”

It never occurred to me that it was Father’s Day until today!

My biological father is miles away, but I remember how he was my hero growing up. Every morning, I would wake up and go to his room, sit on his bed, and watch him get dressed for work. I watched how he adjusted his belt, tied his necktie, and put on his shoes. I remember it as if it were yesterday, even though it has been over 40 years. My father would always give me money for the day. He was the most handsome man I had ever seen, and I loved my daddy. Growing up, people said I looked just like him, which was the best compliment I could receive.

When I got married and moved far away, my priorities shifted, but my love for my father never waned. I missed him during many major events I wished he could have attended.

Then one day, I met a man who offered to adopt me as his daughter, since my father was so far away. This new father figure would send gifts to my children every Christmas, care for us, and protect us.

Sadly, this year, nine years later, he became ill. When I visited him, he did not recognize me. It was the most awful feeling I had ever experienced. I cried because not only could he not recognize me, but he also couldn’t remember his grandchildren. It hurts to not have a father. It hurts to be an orphan. It hurts to feel abandoned and unrecognized by your own. But I have hope.

My biological father is far away, and my adopted father no longer recognizes me. But I have a heavenly Father who will never leave me nor forsake me. I feel safe and secure in His hands. I invite you to open your heart to our heavenly Father, and you will always have someone to protect you, provide for you, mentor you, and prepare an inheritance for you.

I love you Daddy!

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