Blockers for your Increase

I know I have been away for sometimes now, but we have been talking about increase and growth. This year the Holy Spirit inspired our senior pastor Bishop Darlingston Johnson to declare it our year of increase.

My blog this year focused on Increase, growth and everything that pertains to advancement. We are in October already and I want to ask you if you were able to achieve your goals. Usually at the beginning of the year we set goals , so I wonder if you were able to achieve yours. I wonder if after reading all the articles I published on my blogs you gained some insights and were able to adjust, modify, fix certain things that were not contributing to your growth. Today I want us to pause a little and talk about the factors that can function as blockers to our increase, because we all want to increase but there are several things you might be doing that can prevent you from increasing.

Besides the financial constraints, the government regulations, the market, the technology that can hinder increase, there are other important things that can really be a blocker in your life. It is important to identify and to address them. Blockers are those things that can prevent you from growing those things that can prevent your business to increase. The things that can prevent you to increase in various areas of your life and even in your personal growth. It is very important to identify those blockers. I call them blockers because they hinder you, they prevent you from going forward. These blockers can be both internal and external.

What are the things that can be a hindrance in your increase?

Identifying and addressing these blockers is crucial for achieving sustainable growth. Here are blockers that I have identified:

1.Fear and self-doubt
Fear is a is a spirit. The moment you put fear in your life it becomes difficult for you to grow and to go forward. A lot of people have received or have had the idea to do something but feared of failing. The fear of failure, the fear of not doing it the right way , the fear of what other people will see and say sometimes prevented them from doing whatever they were supposed to do. Negative self-belief and fear of failure can really hinder your self-development. You really want to look at yourself check your emotions and ensure that you are not driven by fear.

2.Lack of self-discipline
You know discipline is one thing and I remember I spoke about discipline as one thing that can really cause you to increase; on the other hand, lack of self-discipline will be a blocker for your increase. We are in the month of October already, so if you are still not disciplined this is the time for you to change. Remove procrastination and the inability to stay committed to your goals. Change your mindset and your day-to-day habit because procrastination and lack of commitment can impede your growth.

3.Comfort zone.
The love of your comfort zone can be a hindrance to your increase, to your growth. you are so used to your comfort zone , you are used to your little corner that you are afraid, or you don’t want to try something new; or you don’t want to do something else, but remaining in a comfort zone and avoiding challenges can limit your progress they can limit your self-development. You want to get away from your comfort zone and do something else, something different. If you do not try , you will know whether it works or not.

4. Negative influences.
It has been said that birds of a feather flock together. By now you should be selective of your relationships. You must ensure that the people who surround you are supportive, they are not a blockage to your growth. Be mindful of your surroundings ensure that these people are working towards your goals. You can refer to my blog “ Growth and relationships” where I talk about the diverse types of relationships. That blog will help you hang out with the right people.

5. The lack of clear goals.
Without clear objectives without clear goals, it is exceedingly difficult to make progress. You will be turning around, moving without advancing. You know it is one thing to move but what we are looking for when we talk about increase is moving forward not just moving.

6. Refusal to learn new skills.
Failure to acquire new knowledge and new skills can be a blocker. As time passes, there are certain skills we need to add into our life. Just look at the world today , back in the days people were not into technology but nowadays you must ensure that is a skill you add to your life because it is going to help you increase. increase or growth comes with change so you must make up your mind and say to yourself that you are not going to be resistant to change and you are going to embrace new experiences because they can be significant for your increase.

7.lack of accountability
This is another blocker you want to find somebody you can be accountable to not taking responsibility for one action and can be a big hindrance to your increase and you want to change that and try to be accountable.

Forgiveness does not mean condoning the hurtful actions of others, but it allows you to let go of the negative emotions and experiences that are holding you back. Forgiveness is a big step towards your personal growth. Emotional burden, such as grudges and resentment hinder you. Find a way to forgive and move on.

One of my pastors usually speaks about offense as one negative emotion that has crucial consequences. One of the consequences is that it can prevent you from increasing. Offense can strain relationships. Holding offense damage relationships, it can lead to conflicts, isolation, and the breakdown of communication, hindering the growth of healthy relationships.

To overcome these blockers and foster personal growth it is important to set clear goals. Having a plan always help if you want to increase. It is also beneficial if you develop self-awareness, self-improvement, and self-reflexion for they are key to your growth. Your life is at stake therefore you must do what it takes to make it work. You must seek for support from positive influences and be open to change. Refusing to do so will cause you to remain stagnant. You still have two months to go before the year ends, you can still do some changes to ensure you are increasing this year and moving to a new level.

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