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Failure, errors, and delays are seeds for increase.

Someone once defined the acronym F-A-I-l as: First Attempt In Learning. Alluding to the way we usually handle failure. It is no longer secret that the worst fear of organizations, societies, and individuals is often failure. People are afraid to start new projects, or just commit to anything new because they are afraid they make mistakes, be criticized, or fail altogether. But what if failures, errors, even delays were major in the growth process? Albert Einstein said: « Failure is success in progress ». Researches show that one of the most important reasons why established companies struggle to grow is fear of failure,

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Determination for Growth

That you are still alive is the sole condition qualifying you for growth. I am always saddened to see folks who have been so beaten up by life that they stop dreaming, they stop aspiring, they stop wishing, they stop making efforts, they stop moving. I am reminded of the man by the pool of Bethesda who never had this idea that he could drag himself to the pool even if it was one inch a year.Maybe by the 17th year he would have probably been close to the pool enough to jump in there and be healed. But this

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