The Willingness to Increase/Grow

Every year we wait patiently to receive the word that our Senior Pastor Bishop Darlingston Johnson receives from the Lord for the new year. Last year was our year of new beginnings, and I have personally seen the new beginnings in so many areas of my life; even in areas I never thought I would operate in sooner. God has accelerated processes just for me to start new things. Those things that were just ideas were manifested. For example, I always dreamt of engaging in real estate, I believed in God that he would do a Miracle by 2024 for a new house. My husband and I started saving towards our project. God miraculously sped the process and caused us to operate in real estate. I dreamt of teaching a class at an international level someday, little did I know that God had a great plan for me. Today although I have not yet been able to reach the whole world, I am on my way to doing so. I started teaching classes that hosted students from different countries. These are just a few of the new beginnings that I had last year. I want to believe that you can also testify of some new beginnings that happened on your end.
This year 2023. Our Senior pastor declared it our year of INCREASE.
This suggests that whatever it is that you began last year or in previous years will increase this year.
Increase does not come overnight or by chance. Here is a Bible verse I would love for you to consider this year. Luke 2:52
“And Jesus kept on growing, in wisdom, in physical stature, in favor with others.

First of all, I want to define the word increase. According to the dictionary: it is the amount by which a quantity is increased. This definition suggests you move from an amount that was lesser to a greater amount. It suggests gain, growth, increment, and rise. It suggests becoming larger, greater, bigger, and stronger. It suggests fertility, multiplication, fruitfulness, and proliferation. This definition suggests that we change our mindset to adopt a growth mindset.

One of the determinants of increase is the willingness to grow. This month we consider why it is important that we grow or increase.

Why must I grow?

  • Because I am still alive.
    Growth is one of the common traits every living man or woman shows. Living organisms undergo REGULATED GROWTH. Every single one of us started as one cell and now have trillions of cells in our bodies. It is good that I grow as biology states. If I do not grow, then there is a problem.
  • Because Relationships matter.

The best investment you can ever do to yourself in this life is to develop relationships and grow in them. Relationships are currencies that are worth a lot. Growing in your relationship with God will lead to acquiring wisdom. This happens in prayer, by reading your bible, by trusting God. Your personal development and growth will help you to know yourself and will boost your self- esteem, improving your relationship with others .

  • Because it reduces stress.

A Growth mindset suggests that our skills are wells of possibility, opportunity, and potential. In the workplace and at an individual level, people can always aim to develop their faculties, acquire new abilities, and strengthen their current capacities. When you start seeing growth as something that is important your thoughts switch away from the negative focus that produces stress and moves back toward the positive.
When you cultivate a growth mindset, you don’t worry so much about problems. Instead of wondering how you’ll get through a crisis, you ask yourself a far more constructive question: “What can I learn from this situation to better develop my skills?”; growth helps you to recognize and learn from your failures.
Trials and tribulations will always be part of our lives. Instead of stressing over them, let’s use growth to see opportunities for improvement. We will live a more full filling life.

Growth is beneficial for every one of us. Let’s embrace a growth mindset because it will increase our productivity, leading to self-satisfaction, and boosting self-esteem and self-confidence. This attitude will position us as leaders who inspire others in this year 2023!

Happy new year!

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